Classic Reviews

CHERRIE C The service got done as promised. Nice waiting area and the staff are courteous. They also gave a shuttle to take customers without 8 mike radius including Dulles Town Center. 3 days ago
TRACY J They are always helpful and friendly and HONEST 6 days ago
MICHELLE A I've been taking my cars to Dulles Shell for 20 years! I remember my first trip to Dulles Shell was when I took my car in for an emissions inspection. The team was so nice to me, I started going in for regular service. It's a relief for a woman to have a good place she can go to for help. Even when I moved to Maryland for a few years, I only wanted Dulles Shell to do my work. These guys are super knowledgeable and professional. What is important to remember when getting any service is get what you pay for! Going someplace else for a cheaper price will only cost you more money to repair shoddy work later. So don't be a whiny cat and go to Dulles Shell when you need help the first time. I recommend making an appointment because this little known gem is starting to get popular. I usually drop my car off because I forget to call ahead all the time. Dulles Shell if you're reading this, I'd like to suggest a waiting room with free wifi please! Oh, and Hi Hal!! you're the best! ~Michelle Arrington 13 days ago
MARK C I have allway have had great service there 13 days ago
AMINALA S Very nice,honey and professional . The best in Town 13 days ago
Anonymous Excellent service. The work on my vehicle was completed to my full satisfaction. 21 days ago
ANDREA Z Great customer service! a month ago
LISA M The staff was friendly and the service was done quick and effiecently a month ago
CLAUDIA Z Great service and very professional a month ago
JOHN U Great service, very knowledgeable and reasonably priced. I take all my vehicles to Dulles Shell for any needed repairs and service maintenance as I have experienced super customer service that you can trust. Highly recommend ! a month ago
EDWARD D Great service, Roy was great! a month ago
DAVID G I have always been well pleased with all services. 2 months ago
Anonymous Walked up with two cars to service. Hal the service manager was polite as always. He was able to accommodate both my service requests on the same day. The service technician provided feedback on service items to watch, without trying to crisis sell me for immediate remediation. Always a good experience at Dulles Shell. 3 months ago
ELENA M Dulles Shell provided me a ride home. Their dispatcher called me 3 times during a day to inform me about status of my car. This is I call "Great Customer Service". They don't overcharge customers and have reasonable prices. Also, there are coupons on line and it will save you some money. Honest and reliable service!!! I will recommend to my friends and family. Thank you 3 months ago
JOHN J Excellent customer service 3 months ago
TOM D Great maintenance work on my high mileage Ford. Perfect scheduling , estimated 1 hour Job and in and out on time. Friendly, staff. Stand behind their work. Coupons , discount on several labor task, and coupon on inspections . Good mechanical work on older cars is hard to find in this Northern Virginia area. I would say, " Dulles Shell is in the top 5 % . 3 months ago
AL Y I am a regular customer at Dulles Shell for oil changes. I would recommend them for outstanding service with courteous and welcoming personnel to assist you. They are the best. 3 months ago
MICHELLE T These are the only people who get to work on my cars. I recently had some work done on the car that was initially quoted at $1600. After dropping the car off for this expensive repair, they called a little while later, after having begun the work, to tell me they found out they didn't need to do all the repairs quoted and that it would be only $600. That's integrity! It is for this reason I trust them. 3 months ago
SUNUNTA S The services very excellent. 3 months ago
JASON P Nothing but good things to say about Hal and the rest of the staff at Dulles Shell. 3 months ago
HUYNH H best price with fast service 3 months ago
JOHN C I have been getting my car inspected at Shell for over 20 years 3 months ago
AL Y Outstanding service. Friendly, courteous and efficient personnel. I'm a lifetime Dulles Shell customer. 3 months ago
KIM M Excellent service, friendly employees would highly recommend 3 months ago
SANDRA B The guys at Shell are great. They fix my jeep for a fair price every time and I always return to them. As a woman it is very good to find a place where you are treated fairly and well. I refer all my friends here for car service. 4 months ago
Anonymous This Shell Station provides e very professional customer service every time I take my car there for maintenance. 4 months ago
Anonymous Excellent service for a routine oil change, emissions inspection, and safety inspection. Hal gratefully accepted my coupons retroactively, a week after the service was complete and paid-for because I had originally forgotten the coupon. 4 months ago
DANIEL W Fast excellent service a phone call in the morning and back on the road in the afternoon!! 4 months ago
Anonymous Great, will keep going there! 4 months ago
RONALD J All went smoothly and fast. The manager was very cool and did me a very good turn when I returned for my oil change apointment. Thanks... 4 months ago
Anonymous Service was good and fast 5 months ago
JORY L I have been a Dulles Shell customer for over 25 years and have always had a good experience with the, especially Hal Schneider. 5 months ago
ANN N Convenient and inexpensive. No “hard sell” of additional services (like at the dealership). 5 months ago
JOHN B As always, work fine we’ll, on time no surprises. 5 months ago
LANCE C I was very happy that Dulles Shell was able to schedule the oil change, tire rotation and check up during the morning I was at work. 5 months ago
MUMTAZ K Highly dependable and affordable service performed by professional and courteous staff. 5 months ago
MUMTAZ K Professional and courteous work. Highly dependable performance. Compareable 5 months ago
JANE E Excellent, no hassle, on-time service 5 months ago
JOSE D Good service. Thank you 5 months ago
Anonymous It is always a pleasure to take my car for maintenance at this place. Everyone is very professional and helpful with the jobs that need to be done. 5 months ago
CHRIS K very polite & fast working 6 months ago
ALLAN C My recent visit to Dulles Shell exceeded my expectations. The service is prompt and top-notch and Hal and his co-workers are the best of the best! 6 months ago
MAUREEN N Friendly, on time and good work. 6 months ago
Anonymous Took my car to Dulles Shell for its annual inspection and some needed repairs were discovered. They were able to take me home, do the repairs and come and pick me up after the work was completed. They were very professional and courteous in dealing with me. 6 months ago
AMINALA S Very friendly and helpful 6 months ago
ANDI L Great deal. Fast service 6 months ago
Anonymous BEST DEAL IN TOWN ! I needed brakes on the front of a Honda. Bought the pads and rotors on Rock Auto and had Dulles Shell put them on. Saved a lot of $$ 6 months ago
Anonymous Quick and friendly 6 months ago
Anonymous Visit took about as long as expected. Price was very reasonable. Staff was helpful, pleasant. 7 months ago
ANANT B I brought my 10-year old (just purchased) car here for servicing through a Groupon. The experience here was great. Very professional, on-time work done. Took my car to inspection and it passed easily. 7 months ago
AMIR S Great experience and trustworthy, the prices are reasonable 7 months ago
RAFAEL E Service was great from the tech who took my car to the guys behind the counter. Very professional and friendly. 7 months ago
DEEPAK K Fast and Convenient. No wait time and quick professional work 7 months ago
MARK C Hal has taken care of me for over 20 years now,, I use to live close but now 25 miles away and I usually go back just to see Hal .... 7 months ago
JOHN M Awesome - I made an appointment in advance. They were 100% ready upon arrival! Excellent work. Well done. 8 months ago
EDGAR E Thank you for your excellent job i'm very satisfied fo job well done.... 8 months ago
RAJIV B Awesome service! My 2008 Honda pilot runs so smooth after the full synthetic oil change. 8 months ago
BETHANY C I have been taking my cars to Dulles Shell for the past 9 years. I love the staff here! They are always honest with their work that they provide. I recently bought a new car and got roped into the service plan with the car. At one visit at the car dealership they claimed that my new car needed about $800 worth of work. I called Shell and had them look over the car. Nothing that the dealership said needed to be done. Like I said the people at Dulles Shell are a honest bunch and they won't recommend repairs unless it is necessary! I will continue to bring my car here and there is no one that I trust more to service my vehicle. 8 months ago
Anonymous Great customer service! 8 months ago
DAVID S Had to wait for parts,but with a '99 vintage truck,it's to be expected.Job was finished on time,price was fair 9 months ago
Anonymous The technicians were pleasant to work with and explained what was wrong with the car and took extra care to make sure all was correct. 9 months ago
Anonymous Great services! 9 months ago
HANNA D Absolutely car is running smoother than ever..great work 9 months ago
Anonymous Quick and efficient. Recommended! 9 months ago
Anonymous I used the coupon for the $19.99 oil change and added the tire rotation. As always Hal and mechanics did a great job. In addition, I asked they check for a thumping noise in the rear of the car. They identified one of the tires was cupped. They roared the tires the best they could. I took the car and replaced 4 tires. I returned and had a 4 wheel alignment. Also I mentioned the noise was still there. The noise is still there and I need to find the thumping because it is where the tire was cupped. I'll give it one more try since cupping is caused by bad suspension. 10 months ago
JAMES F I have trusted the staff at Dulles Shell for over 30 years. When you find an honest trustworthy business you continue to stay with them year after year. Now my grand children are taking there cars there as well. I can't say enough good things about the staff headed up by Hal and his fabulous team of Mechanics and Technicians. 10 months ago
Anonymous The service advisor was courteous, prompt, and accessible. The service provided was finished as promised and I have had no problems. 10 months ago
ELIZABETH W Everyone was so nice and extremely helpful, and their prices are so reasonable! 10 months ago
CINTIA T Thanks to Hall, every visit is the best. I bring my car to this place for years. They are very dedicated! 11 months ago
NAVEEN H The team at Dulles Shell is great. It is easy to make appointments and they are very reasonably priced. They have done a better job than area dealers. I take both my vehicles here. No unnecessary sales. If they something is wrong it is truly wrong. 11 months ago
PETER K Love these guys. I always feel that they are honest and don't push me into work my car doesn't need. They definitely beat my toytoa dealer's price by about 40%. Thanks Hal and Steve 11 months ago
KIMBERLY P Excellent service!! They were quick and very helpful!! They even called to remind me that my inspection was expiring soon, so I could take care of that with my oil change. Would highly recommend! 11 months ago
DEEPAK K Quick and Nice Service 11 months ago
JOHN B As always, quality service and the ability to accommodate the time and date that meets my schedule. 11 months ago
ROBERT B Received quick and friendly service for an oil change on a busy Saturday. Past experiences have been positive as well. 11 months ago
PAT M Very friendly and word done without any issyes 11 months ago
JOHN G Excellent professional service provided. I would recommend to anyone! 11 months ago
MICHELLE A Been going to Dulles Shell for 20 years I can't believe it's been that long! They are the best group of smart and knowledgeable mechanics. I can trust their recommendations and they make sure I am happy. They give me a ride to work down the street and call me when they need to discuss anything. They are super busy but if you can drop off your car with them they can usually take a look at it. Else, please call to arrange an appointment. These are honest and I love them all!!! a year ago
PETER T Fair price, trusted, good service. I did oil change service 4 times for both mine and my wife's car, couple time inspection. What I like is they not try to scare you to up sell. Only onece that they ask if I want to replace the break pad due to very bad (iron to iron). Unlike many other place that you go for oil change and next thing you know they come back to tell you that you need to replace this, that parts, about 10 things on their lists or tell you that you need to flush break fluid, transmission fluid or even windshields fluids which most of them are not necessary at the time. a year ago
MUKUL G Always a good experience. They are the least pressure shop when it comes to preventive maintenance services a year ago
GREG M Quick,clean,and friendly. a year ago
MARTHA C As always, Hal was terrific. He is helpful and friendly and provided outstanding customer service. I will be returning to follow-up on his recommendations as well. Thank you! a year ago
DONNA W Friendly folks, prompt service - very good experience! a year ago
MOSES N Nice people who know their job well. a year ago
MUMTAZ K Excellent customer service. a year ago
DAN D Appreciate the patience to work through my tire issues. a year ago
JOHN B I have been a customer for 3 years. I trust their diagnosis. I was having front end issue which could be diagnosed as something expensive to repair. As usual Hal and his mechanics diagnosed the problem which was tires were out of balance. Total cost $60. a year ago
SANDRA B The guys always take excellent care of my jeep. The prices are fair and I never feel taken advantage of or pressured. As a woman, that is the best. Thanks guys, you rock!! a year ago
Anonymous Always so professional and knowledgeable. .. wouldn't go anywhere else. Hal is the best!!!!! a year ago
ZAW S Professionally reliable service, great job a year ago
Anonymous Courteous, prompt and efficient service! Definitely recommended! a year ago
DAN P Absolutely the best service station for upkeep of our autos. Honest, even if it means they don't make as much as the dealers... my experience is many car dealers try to get the customer to pay for repairs even when they aren't needed. Dulles Shell just tells you if you don't need the work done! a year ago
ROBIN M great people, happy with any work they've done on my car. a year ago
SABA S Outstanding, reliable service. Its a great relief knowing that I can trust the work at this station. a year ago
SANDRA B The guys and gals at Dulles Shell are the best. Easy to make appointments and the service is quick and efficient. Very friendly and a pleasure to do business with. The prices are very fair and I never feel taken advantage of. a year ago
Anonymous The team at Dulles shell is always friendly and gets the job done without fuss. a year ago
Anonymous Always an excellent experience. Friendly and knowledgeable staff - quick service, good price. Thankful to have a place I can trust to take care of me and my car! a year ago
Anonymous Great service and care. a year ago
SERGIO T Great service as always !!!! a year ago
Anonymous Hal is so professional I couldn't imagine taking any of our cars any place else a year ago
PAT M Great experiance a year ago
JAMES S Fast and easy a year ago
LEESA F Excellent, timely & courteous service as usual ! a year ago
Anonymous Customer since 2011 Excellent. a year ago
JOHN M Were honest and took care of my needs quickly 2 years ago
JEFF L Fast and courteous service for oil change. 2 years ago
RAJIV B Very friendly people and great service! 2 years ago
Anonymous They were extremely helpful and willing to work with me and my automotive issues and I didn't feel like they were trying to cheat me but were honest about each issue. 2 years ago
IAN M Hal is by far the BEST!!!! Honest, Professional and so very helpful!! 2 years ago
IAN M Hal is always so helpful and very professional.His advice is the best . Frederick the mechanic is very thorough. We have been booking with Hal for years and plan to continue to!!!! 2 years ago
JODIE J Always an excellent experience. Quickly discovered and corrected an odd sound I described while bringing my 2007 Honda Accord in for an oil change. I really appreciate the great customer service by Dulles Shell and especially Hal. Have been a customer since moving to Virginia in 2003. 2 years ago
PATRICK H I have been doing business with Dulles Shell for almost 14 years now and I always feel they have my best interest in mind. I never feel they are trying to get me to do something that I really don't need to do but if its something I really should do they will let you know. I can fix my own car most of the time I just don't have the time or tools to always do it so I know when someone is trying to sell me something I don't need. 2 years ago
Anonymous very well done 2 years ago
AMI M The person at the front desk is very polite and helpful.He also informed me about ladies special days! The service was prompt and timely. 2 years ago
Anonymous Very good service. Made a last minute appointment, they were able to help us. Which was much appreciated. Will use them in the future whenever needed. 2 years ago
JEFF K It was great. Hal had the part I needed and Fredrick put it in. They also did a complete walk around ! 2 years ago
JEFF & JOAN G Dropped off car and it was ready the next morning. Great service! 2 years ago
DAVID C Friendly and professional 2 years ago
CHARLES G Excellent work, friendly staff, and work done quickly. They call and fully explain everything that needs to be done before they begin any work. Have used them many times for work on my Ford F-150. 2 years ago
DEBBIE B The older gentleman that greeted me when I walk into Shell was professional, respectful, kind and funny. I told them what I needed to have done and they did not try to push me to add additional work on which happen to me when ever I take my Honda into the dealer ship. 2 years ago
Anonymous I always get great service each and every time I visit 2 years ago
Anonymous Work was done in a timely manner. I was going to have them replace all radiator/transmission cooling hoses if needed, (The car dealer recently told me I had to have that done). Dulles Shell found the issue causing some loss of coolant (loose radiator hoses). So they inspected all the hoses, and since they were in good shape they tightened them...and it didn't cost an arm and a leg. Funny thing (or not so funny) is that the last place I had my car in the shop was AT the dealer! 2 years ago
JENNIFER P The guys here are very professional and they always explain things in detail. They never have a problem answering any questions I have and they treat their customers with respect. It's nice to have people I trust working on my vehicles. 2 years ago
ROBERT S My front end alignment was completed timely and fully in accordance with my expectations. Great job. 2 years ago
MUMTAZ K Nothing but excellent customer care and superb professional service. 2 years ago
Anonymous Robert is a outstanding mechanic he helped me when u had seventh to work and got my food truck back in business an asset to your business 2 years ago
R S Hal and crew have taken care of my two vehicles for 10years..Great service and timely.This group will be missed moved to Georiga two weeks ago 2 years ago
CANDIE O Hal is awesome ! The cashier lady was very nice & politie . 2 years ago
ELENA M Service was great! 2 years ago
LEESA F Excellent Service as ALWAYS! 2 years ago
R S Great staff Hal is the best gives outstanding customer service 2 years ago
SAMANTHA L A Great Place, Professional 2 years ago
DUC N Good service , friendly staff. Nice job 2 years ago
Anonymous As always, service was great and timely. 2 years ago
DANNY J Very Friendly and helpful, not to mention incredibly knowledgeable with all types of automobiles..... Hal and Rob are two of the most honest upfront people that you will ever see in any type of Business! If you have had issues in the past with your car, take it Here(Dulles Shell)......... They will be straight up with!!!! Danny 2 years ago
SANDRA B The staff are very nice and do not try to up sale you. That speaks volumes for me. 2 years ago
THANH H Excellent services 2 years ago
JOSE D As always, very good service. Thank you 2 years ago
DAN P Always professional, gets the job done in reasonable price or less, always courteous to the customer.. 2 years ago
DAN P Great 2 years ago
Anonymous Randy you have an awesome crew at your station from Alex and Hal to Katia. 5 Star all the way. Raul morales 2 years ago
WILLIAM M Hal and the rest of the team at Dulles Shell were great. They repaired my car while I waited and led me out to the garage to explain how I could perform simple maintenance that would avoid costly repairs in the future. I drove in with an engine trouble light on and an AC that didn't work. I drove out with the vent pumping cold air and a car that runs 100% better. Better gas mileage too--I've noticed! 2 years ago
MUMTAZ K This location provides a reliable service. The staff/management at this location is highly professional, efficient, and courteous. 2 years ago
EMMA J Hal is the best! We will miss him when he retires one day! I come there specifically bc he takes care of me. Since I am a female, I feel safe knowing that he will make sure I don't get gauged. My oil changes are fast too. In and out... its great. I am glad you guys are still standing since they closed off the 28 exit. I was worried for you all for a little while but I should have known with Hal around, no one is going anywhere!! 2 years ago
JAMES C Dulles Shell never dissapoints. Robert was honest with what we needed and didnt need for our 120000 mile tune up. 2 years ago
KATIE T Great Service. Fast. Efficient. Love Dulles Shell. 2 years ago
BETHANY C I truely trust the guys at Dulles Shell! Since 2008 I have been bringing my car for maintenance! They always tell me what needs to been done and what can wait for next time. Recently I bought a new car, when the dealership told me that I needed $1000. worth of work. I immediately made an appointment to have Hal and his crew look over the car! Yet again they were honest with me. Telllig me all the recommendations the dealership recommended were premature. I love this place and will continue to bring my car here for any and all needs! 2 years ago
HENRIK D Went in for a regular oil change. They did a great job. Supplied my own synthetic oil and they used the right amount for my car. I bring all my cars here for regular servicing and state inspections. 2 years ago
TAMMY S Very friendly staff, knowledgeable and honest. 2 years ago
STEVEN Z One of the best repair exxperiences. Integrity and competence, galore. 2 years ago
Anonymous Rob is always helpful and explains answers to your questions before you proceed with work on your vehicle. Thanks so much! 2 years ago
MARIA H I have been bringing my car to you for years. Always a good experience. This past experience was no exception. Robert is a very knowledgeable mechanic and was very helpful and informative regarding what should be done with my car. 2 years ago
SABA S Service is excellent. Staff is very helpful and trustworthy. I wouldn't go anywhere else. 2 years ago
GEORGE C Fast service, great personnel. 2 years ago
LEESA F Always consistent, timely & helpful!! 2 years ago
Anonymous ALEX You nailed, great customer service. 2 years ago
TROY Y Great. Everything was done on time and at a reasonable price. 2 years ago
KHALID R Super team Nice people Good job 2 years ago
MIRIAM H Another perfect interaction with Dulles Shell. It is the only place I will take my family's cars! 2 years ago
GEORGE S I definitely enjoyed my experience with the Dulles Shell. The staff was friendly and very knowledgeable about my vehicle. I would definitely recommend this location to my friends. My only concern was I couldn't purchase more group on coupons. This is why I didn't give it a 5 star rating 2 years ago
MARK M Have always had a positive experience and felt that I was treated fairly at this station. A little pricey but they are honest and up front about what's going on with your car. In this day and age that's hard to say about a lot of repair shops. Would recommend them if you are in the need for repair. 2 years ago
VISHNU P Fast service and friendly talk with staff. 2 years ago
MOHAMMED I Good service 2 years ago
ELENA M They did a great job! 2 years ago
Anonymous Quick, efficient, friendly, & got the job done. 2 years ago
Anonymous Service was excellent as always and prompt. Routine service check. 2 years ago
SAMANTHA L Professional and Courteous Always fix the problem or issue quickly and advise of any other problems and cost. Assist in scheduling of found issues and any PM and or requested work. Always at a reasonable cost and sometimes are able to find innovated ways to reduce costs of repairs. A Great place to take your vehicle. 2 years ago
Anonymous Great staff and service. I've been taking my cars to Dulles Shell for over 16 years. They always do a great job for the best price. 2 years ago
WASEEM A Thank you very much for your help, appreciated. 2 years ago
VISHNU P Please Update my Vehicle Plate number as VKZ-8175 and you have updated as VK2. It is not VK2. 2 years ago
AL M Hal and staff at shell dulles are excellent. Been bringing my vehicles for service for a number of years. 2 years ago
R S outstanding service,great value and friendly employees,can't get any better 2 years ago
Anonymous Always a pleasure dealing with Hal. He is the reason I take my vehicles to Dulles Shell. 3 years ago
Anonymous I brought my car in for it's inspection and when there were some minor issues that needed to be corrected they were able to complete the work in a timely manner so I could be on my way with as little disruption to my schedule as was needed. Very pleased by my treatment. 3 years ago
SHARON H As always a true pleasure being there... I always feel assured that my vehicle is being taken care of properly. Thanks Hal and Robert! 3 years ago
SAMANTHA L Most excellent and honest station around. True their rates can be beat by a few, but their professionalism, caring, level and completeness of repairs and advice are topnotch. Explanations of repairs, what is needed, costs, and options are always clear and complete. Any problems and other work needed or may be needed is written down and discussed for later review and action as needed or wanted. On one of my older cars I was looking at a possible $800.00 repair bill. They found a way to do it for about $250.00. A great place to go 3 years ago
ANDREA C Robert and his staff did a great job of mounting and balancing my tires, and they completed a wheel alignment wuickly and professionally. I was very happy-: Andrea 3 years ago
THOMAS K Great service, there schedule was full but they fit me in for my oil change and was very pleased how they fit me in to help me in my busy weekend schedule. 3 years ago
SABA S Excellent service and a very friendly staff. I wouldn't go anywhere else. 3 years ago
LEESA F Hal's smile and customer service skills make my whole visit worthwhile! The young lady that works the register is very nice as well. 3 years ago
SERGIO T Great place, really good service, people there is super friendly !!!!!! 3 years ago
JENNIFER D Hal could not have been any more helpful. Always get great service here. 3 years ago
Anonymous Dropped off my car for an oil change and inspection and the work was done in the timeframe I requested. 3 years ago
GEORGE S I went there and had a great experience, the staff were knowledgeable and didn't try to rip you off on your vehicle. They were honest and caring. 3 years ago
TROY Y Very good service for a lower price then most other places around the area. Hal is also very good to deal with. They are straight up with you and don't try to sell and push un needed services like most other places. 3 years ago
Anonymous At Dulles Shell: Professional people to deal with; exceptional service provider. Their service level is consistently above average. 3 years ago
CAROLE M The staff is always so helpful. I love Hal's personality. He always recognizes me when I come in for a visit, even if he hasn't seen me in months. The mechanics are prompt and thorough. They were all very friendly and pleasant. 3 years ago
MELISSA F. M I absolutely love Dulles Shell. I was recommended this place by a few colleagues that I work with - and am so glad they told me of this place. Hal is wonderful - all the guys, and the girl who is usually there in the morning (sorry I don't know her name!) is really delightful. I've gotten to know them since going there and they are always so pleasant. Plus, the work they do is terrific. I'm from a small town and I was a bit hesitant to have work done on my car here in NOVA, but Dulles Shell is like a small town mechanic and one you can trust. 3 years ago
MICHAEL B Pretty good I had to push them along when it was done to check me out but otherwise in and out under an hour 3 years ago
AMI M It has been a pleasant experience,the gentleman Hal at the front desk is always friendly and courteous and they give prompt service. 3 years ago
FRANZ H As always, excellent 3 years ago
ALLAN C I love Dulles Shell! I have been a customer since moving to the area in 1999. I am thankful for Hal and the staff who provide excellent, honest, fair car-repair every time! 3 years ago
SABA S Speedy, excellent service 3 years ago
ERREL A Its the way service should be I've always satisfied with them 3 years ago
Anonymous would not go anywhere else 3 years ago
SHAK M Quick and efficient!! 3 years ago
ED Z Fast service at below estimated cost. Work done quite well so far. No complaints at this time. Hope you don't mind if I refer people to you. EZ 3 years ago
Anonymous Returned auto after 6 weeks due to returning engine code. No charge for repeat analysis and advice to minimize the repeating of this particular code. Thanks to Dulles Shell for being dependable, honest, and worth returning back whenever I have car problems. 3 years ago
TOM F Great service! I had a Group On coupon and my oil change was completed in less than 30 minutes--about half of the time of my usual experiences. God bless! 3 years ago
Anonymous Excellent treatment great employee 3 years ago
NIXUSON (SUZIE) F Excellent very friendly and treat me like I'm their best friend and very accommodating. 3 years ago
Anonymous The last-minute notice work I needed was done quickly and completely...and friendly staff. 3 years ago
JOHN G Work was accomplished in excellent matter. They even provide me transportation back to my home . a job well done 3 years ago
CHRISTOPHER H As always Dulles Shell keeps my car running without skipping a beat. Friendly and fair! 3 years ago
Anonymous Hal, as always...always a pleasure never a chore 3 years ago
JOHN G fast excellent service. 3 years ago
ZAFAR S No hassle friendly service. I had asked for a brake check but nothing was written on my bill of what the condition of my brakes were. 3 years ago
RAYMOND C Always good service thanks 3 years ago
SAMANTHA L Beyond Fantastic! The courteous, Professionalism. honesty, and integrity of Dulles Shell speaks loudly. 3 years ago
MICHELE S Excellent service as always!!! 3 years ago
BILL B Good service. Good advice. Very friendly. 3 years ago
JACKIE K I put gas in my tank. It was a life-changing experience for me and I feel born again. I gave four stars instead of five because I was expecting the heavens to open up and angels to sing - as I put gas in my tank - and this did not happen. 3 years ago
JEFFREY S The Shell always provides good service at a fair price. The people are friendly and I enjoy chatting with them. 3 years ago
SARIRA M tkank a lot best servis fast good jab very polite on time and well come 3 years ago
TERRI/DOUG H Hal and his guys are the best. They always take care of me and my "old clunker". They understand my need to keep my van running in tough times. I'm always greeted with a smile and a great attitude. I can rely on them for all my repair needs and good workmanship. I've worked across the street from this Shell for almost 16 years now. Convenience is a plus. But their hometown feel and dependability is the best! Terri H. 3 years ago
Anonymous I for the past five or so years, I have been always getting great service. The personnel are courteous and the services are always finished when promised. 3 years ago
Anonymous Always receive a good attention and nice work done. 3 years ago
MIRIAM H Dulles Shell is the only garage I will take my car to. Hal and the rest of the team do great work at a fair price and are such a pleasure to deal with. 3 years ago
JEFF K very good service. 3 years ago
JOSE D Good service. Diagnosis was correct and everything was clearly explained before fixing the vehicle. 3 years ago
RAFAEL E Highly recommend Dulles Shell. They were very professional and prompt. 3 years ago
ILEANA G I was in and out very fast with oil change and tire rotation. They didn't try to find something wrong with my car as other places do when you go in for a $19.95 oil change. 3 years ago
Anonymous good service, quick and good deal 3 years ago
JILL M Prompt, efficient service... they'll even give you a ride somewhere (within Sterling) if you can't wait for your repair. 3 years ago
LISA Q The belt that Dulles Shell had recently replaced was making noise, so they tightened it up and did an oil change. As always, I feel confident trusting Dulles Shell with my car. I have a 2007 Yaris that they have cared for from the beginning. 3 years ago
ANDREW L I always use this station for all my vehicles maintenance. The service is excellent. Robert wins my vote as employee of the year! He provides above any average customer service. 3 years ago
GLORIA B Excellent as always! 3 years ago
Anonymous Great service. Very knowledgeable. Excellent! Thank you! 3 years ago
FAYE S Excellent service. The staff go out of their way to make visit convenient and easy. Always satisfied with repairs. Have used Dulles Shell for many years. 3 years ago
DARRYL B Prompt polite and reasonable 3 years ago
Anonymous Great job 3 years ago
BILL B GREAT! 3 years ago
WANDA L Everyone at this Shell Station are always polite, kind and professional. Their work is always thorough and complete. I have recommitted my family matters. 3 years ago
SHARON L Rob was great ( hopefully i got your name right). Showed my daughter and I what was wrong and the steps he would take to fix it. For her first time needed repairs i couldn't have asked for a nicer person to help her out. Thank you 3 years ago
LISA Q I have only taken my 2007 Yaris to Dulles Shell. They have kept my car performing reliably and it still feels like a new car to me. I adore Hal. 3 years ago
NANCY P thank you...great as always---that is why I have been a customer for MANY years....Nancy P 3 years ago
SERGIO T Great service as always, friendly environment, fast and reliable service !!!!! 3 years ago
KATHY MAUCK P Always pleased with Hal's excellent customer service - he is the best and the mechanics do fine work. 3 years ago
BILL B Good Station! Great people! 3 years ago
MICHELLE A I've been going to Dulles Shell in Sterling for over 10 years. They are professional and honest. As a woman, I am so relieved to have a place to take my car where I feel safe and cared for. Great team of people. I highly recommend this place! 3 years ago
LARRY L Courteous service for a great oil change discount coupon with on time delivery and reasonable fees for items not covered in the coupon. 3 years ago
ANDREA C This Shell consistently provides great service, and especially the owner Hal, who goes out of his way to make customers feel welcome, which is rare these days :) The entire staff is excellent, too, and they honor coupons. The work I've had done there has been professional and done in a timely manner. I would definitely recommend this place! 3 years ago
ANDREA C 5 star review, as always! Hal always goes out of his way to give great customer service, and he is always a pleasure to do business with. His staff is excellent as well. This Shell also honors coupons, which I especially appreciate! This is the place I would take my car-: Andrea Christy 3 years ago
NASSER G Fast, Courteous, good, reasonable price 3 years ago
SABA S Customer service and quality of work couldn't have been better. 3 years ago
Anonymous Love Dulles Shell! Prompt, personal attention at reasonable prices. I go out of my way to use them. 3 years ago
WALT D Very nice folks to deal with. Idintified mechanical issues I was unaware of and explained them and repaired them quickly and efficiiently. Really nice people to do business with. 3 years ago
Anonymous Excellent work! On time and no problems afterward. 3 years ago
LAWANA A H Dulles she'll provided excellent service in a frlrienxly and helpful setting. Could not ask for better service 3 years ago
Anonymous The service provided was great. Easy appointment, frog off and pickup for an oil change. Only complaint I have is that part of the service was a brake check. It would be nice to get the feedback from that check. Nothing was stated on my check out document about the condition of the brakes. 3 years ago
Anonymous Everything was completed timely as promised and with a smile. 3 years ago
EMMA J Been going for years. Love this place. Very low turnover which means you see the same faces all the time. I love that. Hal is the best. 3 years ago
ALBERT C Honest! Quick service! Very flexible. You leave the car, fill out the paperwork and you get a call with any questions or when the car is ready to be picked up. Very convenient! 3 years ago
JEREMIAH J Simple, this is the only place who touches my cars. Hal is flat awesome, speaking with him reminds me of what customer service is meant to be. Robert and the techs are all top notch. No one here is trying to sell you parts or services you don't need. I would send my fiance there, by herself, and not worry once that they would try to take advantage of her. If you're tired of being oversold or misinformed, give these wonderful people a call, I promise you that you will never go anywhere else again. They do get busy, so be a responsible customer, show up on time. Say hi to Hal. 3 years ago
SANDRA I Prompt and pleasant! Great staff!! 4 years ago
GAYLE R The Full, Crew at Dulles Shell is Wonderful, and Caring., with prompt service. 4 years ago
JEFF K did what I wanted them to do 4 years ago
QUOC N This visit is an excellent experience. The mechanic who worked on my car, Jovier, was very kind, honest, and good at what he is doing. My previous visit was not so good, though. The mechanic did not return the remaining oil as requested. He also told me the axles were leaking. The fix would cost about $350. I noticed that he was uncomfortable when I said the axles were just recently replaced and I would file a complain about the shop which did it. So, I went to another shop right after that, and were told the ball bearing just needed to be lubed. After being done the squeaking noise went away. Saved me more that $300. I stopped going to this shop for a long time. But needed an oil change quickly last week while the other shop closed, I decided to give this a second chance. And I'm glad I did. Bottom line, this place is very friendly, nice service, and very reasonable priced. But we still need to watch out since the experience is depending on who is working on your car. 4 years ago
Anonymous While the shop was short staffed, they were friendly, apologized for the delay and kept moving to catch up. They did not try and sell me on unnecessary work or tell me I had sugar plum fairies in my engine wrecking havoc. I would definitely take my vehicles back to Dulles Shell. 4 years ago
R S Outstanding service and fast ,great value for the bucks..Hal is the best 4 years ago
ROBERT S My wife and I have been using Dulles Shell for many years and have always been completely satisfied. The staff are always friendly and make every attempt to accommodate our service needs and schedule. Prices are reasonable and we have always been satisfied with their work. 4 years ago
KATIE T Wonderful service. Very quick and thorough. I will definitely be using Dulles Shell again for oil changes. And I love that there is a gropoun that I can purchase and use. That is the main reason I tried the company and I'm glad I did. 4 years ago
Anonymous Excellent, prompt service as always! 4 years ago
JOHN B I wish the technician would wipe the oil from the frame so when I get home it doesn't spot my driveway with oil spots that I then need to clean. Other than the above, the service was timely. If the oil was cleaned from the frame the rating would have been excellent. 4 years ago
Anonymous Quality service with friendly staff...Hal is great. I have taken my cars to Dulles Shell for over 10 years and feel lucky to have them on my side as a trusted advisor to perform basic service (ex: inspections / oil change), to more complex engine issues like brake work, etc. They always come through! 4 years ago
NAVEEN A Tire rotation. I had to wait for more than an hour. 4 years ago
MAYIE A Excellent, very pleased. 4 years ago
JOHN M Exceptional service. 4 years ago
Anonymous Prompt, friendly, and efficient service experience. Oil and filter change with tire rotation. Will return! 4 years ago
Anonymous Always a pleasure. Never have to worry about being taken advantage of. 4 years ago
MICHELLE V Another wonderful experience at Dulles Shell. Hal the service manager is great to work with when checking in and out, and also with making appointments by phone. Rob the mechanic is extremely knowledgeable and didn't just fix my car, but explained to me what he did, which was extremely helpful to me. Rob spent extra time on my wheel alignment, and wanted to make sure it was as close to perfect as it could be. I trust Dulles Shell with all of my car repair needs. Wouldn't take my car anywhere else! 4 years ago
WANDA L As usual everyone was professional and courteous. And Hal is the greatest. 4 years ago
Anonymous Great as always Hal is very professional and u brought a new customer that told me she will be returning to get her Toyota Prius serviced at your station because of the excellent service provided by Hal 4 years ago
LENORE R I have been taking my old and cranky 2002 Saturn wagon to Dulles Shell for a few years now, after having no successful repairs at my local Great Falls repair shop. Hal, the manager of the repairs section is the greatest guy around - extremely helpful, knowledgeable and kind. The repairs work has been excellent, and when I have had an emergency, they have always been able to fit me in - despite a clearly packed schedule. This is the best repair shop I have every found! 4 years ago
ALBERT C Very honest and only charges for the services needed! Others give you a list of items just to make a buck! I will definitely return for any service! 4 years ago
JEFF B Excellent service, friendly staff. Works with customer to ensure satisfaction. Will definitely return. 4 years ago
MICHELLE Z Service was fast and efficient! Used a groupon :) 4 years ago
Anonymous As always, Hal's crew was great 4 years ago
NANCY P Of course all went well---thank you, ( Hal did you hear any complaints from me )) 4 years ago
JOHN G job completed in timely matter. excellent work. I will bring vehicle in for additional service. 4 years ago
LINK W Very pleased. 4 years ago
JAMES T Fast service, great prices. 4 years ago
SHARON H As always the service was great. I needed work done to pass inspection and they accommodated me with no problem. I've been getting my wok done here since 1998 and will continue to come back because of the Hal, Rob and many others that I've met through the years. I tell everyone about the service there. Thanks again Sharon 4 years ago
Anonymous Friendly service and able to schedule service at the time I requested. 4 years ago
MICHELLE V I've been having my cars serviced at Dulles Shell for over 15 years. Dulles Shell is an honest repair shop that does quality work--every time. They offer recommendations, but never try to hard sell any service or repair. Just this past week when I had my car in for service, the tech spent 20 mins on the phone with me explaining everything that they did to diagnose and fix the problems I was having, and I appreciated his thoroughness. I recommend Dulles Shell to everyone. Don't forget to sign up for the coupons! 4 years ago
Anonymous Customer Service and mechanical quality is excellent. My preventative maintenance and repair shop of choice! I am, and will continue to be, a happy Dulles Shell customer. 4 years ago
RASHMI S Hal and his people are very experienced. They are all very friendly and supportive. I always get my services and inspections done from them! They come up with best solutions for my issues - I have an older car. They always honor their warranty (needed it for a battery). A very satisfied customer for over 7 years! 4 years ago
WANDA L Every time I have gone in for car service it has been pleasant and very professional. I am truly pleased after work is done on my car. Thank you! 4 years ago
SABA S Seems to be a very well-managed facility. 4 years ago
ANDREW L I have been using the station for over a year and they have always provided excellent service. The staff is highly professional and caring. 4 years ago
DAN P Honest. Realistic. Less expensive than most competitors. Excellent work. Car is good when they say it's ready. 4 years ago
AMY L I had service performed last week at your facility and was very happy with the customer service and knowledge of your employees. Thank you, I will be coming back! 4 years ago
MUMTAZ K With can-do attitude, a very professional staff welcomes you. Highly reliable repair/technical work is completed withinh specified time and reasonable prices. What else do I need? That is good enough for me. 4 years ago
ANDREW L Outstanding customer service! I will be recommending them to all my friends and relatives. 4 years ago
GAYLE R Efficient Service in a Timely and Considerate manner. 4 years ago
CHAD & ANDRIA J Been taking all our vehicles to Dulles Shell for several years. Consistent service and reasonable prices. Hal is the Greatest! 4 years ago
SABA S Outstanding. Love that manager. 4 years ago
SCOTT B They do a great job in a timely manner,I haven't had one complaint yet. 4 years ago
Anonymous Always a great experience with Hal and his crew that's why I have been coming back since 1996 when I arrived in this area Best Raul 4 years ago
DARCELLE J My car indicated tire pressure was low on left rear tire. I called Hal at Dulles Shell, and he was able to accommoate the car right away. He even managed to get an oil change done at the same time. I highly recommend Dulles Shell. They are very honest and get the job done right the first time. I also regularly go to them for state inspections because they take the time to check each vehicle thoroughly and point out any safety issues. 4 years ago
DAVID H Great, fast, friendly service. I enjoy the convenience of having them so close to my office and they do a great job on my oil changes and tire rotation. 4 years ago
YVONNE C Your dealings are honest, efficient and cordial. What more could one want? 4 years ago
Anonymous In and out! Making appointments is always nice. Nicer when you are taken care of in respect of time. 4 years ago
JENNIFER/GREG A I have been getting oil changes at Dulles Shell for at least 5 years and always have fast and friendly service. I also take my cars in for Safety inspections and Emissions as well. I used to live 15 minutes from Dulles Shell and even after moving 30 minutes away I still bring both my cars here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hal Rocks!!!!!!!!!!!! 4 years ago
YVONNA B As always, great service! 4 years ago
MUMTAZ K The work done is reliable. The people are courteous. The prices are nominal. That's all make the Dulles Shell an attractive place to get vehicles service from. 4 years ago
GAYLE R Excellent service, efficient, and friendly in a timely manner. Thank You, 5 years ago
JODIE J While having an oil change, Dulles Shell noted a nail in one of my tires which was down 10 lbs of pressure. I'm grateful Dulles found and corrected what might have been a problem stranding me with a flat somewhere and that they always go the extra mile for service and safety of their customers. Thanks Hal and Dulles Shell! 5 years ago
ELLA B Always Great Service. 5 years ago
JIM P I always have my vehicles serviced at Dulles Shell because of their friendly, professional service and at a reasonable cost. 5 years ago
Anonymous Service is always great! 5 years ago
SABA S Great service!! 5 years ago
JOHN M All work was done as requested and my appointment time was right on schedule. I am extremely satisfied with Dulles Shell, as I have been for well over ten years now! 5 years ago
WILLIAM L My last visit with dulles shell for my oil change I did not get the 15dollars off from my total cost. Also I use to pay 25.00 this time I payed 30.00. I was very disappointed because I've been going there for a long time. 5 years ago
Anonymous Great service! 5 years ago
LENORE R I just started coming to Dulles Shell last year when my car had a serious issue that prevented it from passing emissions inspection. The folks at Dulles Shell did a great job at a fair prices and were able to help me that very day! Just this week I went in for my state inspection and oil change. As before, they did a great job and it didn't take too long. I believe Dulles Shell is very honest and that they strive to accommodate your needs in every way possible. 5 years ago
Anonymous Very pleased with the prompt greeting to get my service done in a timely matter where i did not have to wait a long time. 5 years ago
WILLIAM M Dulles Shell is connected to the community. The quality of their automotive repairs and their customer service reflects this connection. They care and they are fair. I bought a used car that required $1500 worth of repairs. Dulles Shell was able to do the same work at 1/3 less than local chain auto repair shops who gave me quotes. 5 years ago
STEVE M Everyone there is very friendly and demonstrates an attitude of trust. Hal's open demeanor and honest attitude make this a place where you feel that you are not being taken to the cleaners on car repairs. Going to Dulles Shell is not convenient for us, but because of Hal and the atmosphere of running an honest business and only performing work that is necessary, we take the time and make the effort to take our cars there. Thanks to all for another job well done. 5 years ago
EMMA J Love this garage! Just good old family style customer service. They are quick and fast and friendly. 5 years ago
Anonymous By far the best customer experience. I'm very impressed with the level of service and value. I came in for an oil change at 4:00pm and your staff stayed past 5pm so they could also perform a much needed inspections and emissions test. I will definitely be coming back here! 5 years ago
TERRI/DOUG H They are the best. Hal is the best. Fast service and friendly.Customer since 1999. 5 years ago
SEAN N Very good service !! 5 years ago
Anonymous Really like these guys. Efficient, affordable, and honest! 5 years ago
Anonymous Kind, work done in a professional manor. 5 years ago
Anonymous Made an appointment showed up 5 minutes early. They checked my in took my car an i was in an out! 5 years ago
Anonymous I walked in 5 minutes before my oil change appointment was scheduled at 3:30 PM and they serviced my vehicle right away. Hal is friendly and considerate and will give you an honest assessment of your vehicle. I'll be going back again for my next vehicle check up. 5 years ago
SABA S Great service and very friendly, knowledgable staff. 5 years ago
Anonymous I was happly with the service.Robert 5 years ago
SREENIVASA Y Excellent 5 years ago
SHAUNA D Had a Groupon so tried Dulles Shell. Very good customer service. Loved Hal!. Nice to go somewhere new that doesn't try to get you to have more service done just to make a buck. I'll go back. 5 years ago
CARSIE B Price, professional and on time delivery. 5 years ago
YVONNA B Always great service! 5 years ago
WANDA L As always polite and kind service. 5 years ago
JUNE H I am still in the process of repairs but so far my experience is good 5 years ago
Anonymous Robert and Hal are extremely helpful!! Robert is very knowledgeable and Hal has got to be one of the nicest guy I've ever met! Honest repair shop. will DEFINITELY be coming back and recommending to others. 5 years ago
IAN M I know after an appointment at Shell my car is ready for any trip !! 5 years ago
Anonymous Great friendly fast service! 5 years ago
CARSIE B Hal and all those at Dulles Shell are always concerned, helpful, professional and prove to be top notch mechanics and problem solvers. 5 years ago
DAVID S Gary evacuated and recharged my ac just as I asked.Ac works better than ever and the price was very acceptable.I will be back... 5 years ago
Anonymous They expect customers to be on time and the store can't stay on time. Took 45 minutes after my appointment to get my service. 5 years ago
KELLY H The team at Dulles Shell always does a great job and I am never disappointed. 5 years ago
KRISTIN D Professional and speedy service. 5 years ago
TROY Y Everything was ok with repair but car was left unlocked overnight. Also the last 2 times my truck was in for repair someone did not close the hood all the way. Was bouncing up & down when i left. Lucky i noticed before hitting highway. 5 years ago
ILEANA G Honest, reasonable and very accommodating. Very good service. 5 years ago
Anonymous Outstanding...Hal is the best and his team never disappoints. 5 years ago
MICHAEL P I am very happy with my car being serviced at Dulles Shell! The technicians are very helpful. 5 years ago
ANGEL W I always get a smile and knowledgeable service at this Shell would recommend any day. Hal and his guys are the best 5 years ago
TRAVIS D Great service. Very courteous. 5 years ago
Anonymous Excellent service 5 years ago
Anonymous Dulles Shell is awesome! My husband and I have been taking our cars to Dulles Shell for many years. I recommend Dulles Shell to EVERYONE! Hal and the entire service crew are honest, dependable, and they do great work. 5 years ago
GREG M I have been buying my tires from Tire Rack for years and having Dullus Shell mount and balance them on all my vehicles.Their prices are very reasonable and the vehicle is ready when they say it will be. Hal is great !! 5 years ago Dulles Shell replied: Thank You
CARSIE B Absolutely the very best auto repair shop in NoVa. Accommodating, competent, honest, knowledgeable and professional are just some of the adjectives I would use if I ever have to describe my experiences at this facility. 5 years ago Dulles Shell replied: Thank You

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